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Synchronisticness –

After eating our last fish taco in Sayulita, we were walking down the street looking for a papelería. As we were walking toward a restaurant with tables on the street, I noticed two tables of folks chatting and then just as I walked by, I heard one woman say to another, “Well, we quit our jobs….” That made me look - closely. As we continued walking I said to Paula, "I think that couple is "The Dangerz". They have a blog that I started following in 2012, when we were getting serious about doing this trip. We doubled back and I walked up and asked, “Hey, are you guys The Dangerz?” (I am prone to more random acts of human interaction these days). Yes, it was Bryan and Jen, and their dog, Karma.

They invited us to join them so we did - and chatted for about an hour. It’s always interesting to meet folks you seem to know through their blog, but this meeting was more special as it was such happenstance and really synchronistic. The day before, I had just read Bryan’s most recent post about Money and Freedom and Balance. Bryan and Jen walked away from good jobs and cashed in 401k’s in order to find a better, more satisfying way of living. It hasn’t always been an easy ride over the last two+ years, but they have achieved an equilibrium of sorts (read the post). As I read this post, I was struck by Bryan’s honesty and openness about his struggles with the incredible life change and how he is now so gratified that they took this step when they did. After reading the post I found myself thinking that Paula and I would have to make our way to Portland some day to meet these two. Turns out we only had to go down the street a few storefronts in a random Mexican town.

This is my first blog post on the road. I have been trying to get my head wrapped around putting stuff on the “InterWeb” for all to read (or no one to read). Our chat with Bryan and Jen really helped. It was too short but not without a lot of inspiration, so here I am putting myself out there – at least a little. More to come.....

Cheers Dangerz, we look forward to a longer session down the road.

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