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Our Bigger Picture


We are John and Paula, and this trip has been in motion for a long, long time. When we first met 24 years ago, we talked about taking a year off to travel the world. And over the years we did travel - but only for a couple weeks at a time. Or for work. The "big trip" was put off as we got good jobs and bought a house, but we never let go of the dream of traveling for an extended period of time. Over the last few years, the pace and priorities of our life began to change. We felt far away from the people we thought we wanted to be, and a feeling that we were losing sight of the bigger picture. One that included exploring, adventure...and freedom. We were good at working hard, but not always good at taking time off, so we quit our jobs and plan to slow down. In order to appreciate all that we have in this life, we need a new perspective. 

This is Our Bigger Picture. 


In 2014, we made the decision to put our wild travel dream on the front burner.  We quit our jobs, sold or gave away nearly everything we owned, assembled an overland-ready truck and camper rig, and rented out our house. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge south in November of 2014 on a two year South American adventure.  At last, our wild travel dream is on. We don't have a set plan or agenda, but the ultimate goal is Ushuaia, Argentina - the end of the world. And then...who knows. We love meeting other overlanders along the way, immersing ourselves in nature, learning about the culture, and spending time connecting with local people.


"Every day is an adventure, and getting there on your own is the biggest adventure of all".  

 -- OBP

More about John:


Born and raised in California, I've never lived more than 90 miles from where I grew up. Travel was something that I never believed to be an option growing up. I didn't actually leave the country until I met Paula. Over the years I have been on a few cool adventures and we have traveled to many destinations. But this is a trip that I really wanted to do - a slow meander through new lands and cultures. I feel fortunate to be able to embark on this trip with my incredible wife and to realize a dream we've shared for almost half our lives.



More about Paula:


I grew up in a sort of gypsy lifestyle, moving every couple of years around the world, and camping all the time in every possible type of recreational vehicle. So this new life is right up my ally. Right after college, I drove cross country to California and met the love of my life 3 weeks later. I quit my dream job to go on this journey, but I'm pretty sure that calling will find me again on the road. I am passionate about the health of our environment, supporting local communities, and finding ways to make a positive impact while living on the road.


Check out our article in Truck Camper Magazine:




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