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The wait is over - first weeks on the road.

(by paula)

The big wait is over.

We are finally on the road. We spent the week before we left saying goodbye to friends and packing up the last remaining items of our home in Mill Valley. We methodically sorted through everything we own to either store it, bring it, or chuck it. After 22 years of marriage and 12 years in that house, it was a long and arduous process. And then amazingly, we closed the front door and drove away without a backward glance. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and headed south.

Everyone says getting ready for this kind of life change is hard, and the period of time right before you leave is the hardest. The time in between when you have quit your job and the day you drive away. I was admittedly a complete nut job at times. Both of us walked away from good careers and security. Every single day for months was occupied with getting ready - and waiting. We put our small income property on the market and waited for it to sell. We took on a small remodel on our home to get it ready to rent, which took nine weeks instead of the estimated four. Then we waited for three more months before we found the right tenant. Sadly and most difficult, John cared for his dying mother through all of this and she passed away right before we left. All difficult life changes in and of themselves, and we had them all at once…while preparing to take off to travel the world. Nuts.

A friend, Audrey of Uncornered Market, who has been on the road with her husband for 12 years, gave me sound advice. She said to just keep going and toward the end, we'll know what’s important and just let the other stuff go. She was right. We are finally letting go of all the prep stuff the closer we get to the border. The stuff that’s important is going to change pretty drastically.

A fabulous send off by the Gladers!

We said goodbye to so many friends.

Our first stop was down to my parent’s house for a couple days where we did even more work on the truck, both inside and out. After an early Thanksgiving dinner with the P's, we hit the road again.

John sorted out our tool bag. Not an easy decision which tool stays and which goes!

Thanks, Mom & Dad!

The rest of last week was spent with family and friends in Southern California (Ojai Valley, LA) and Arizona. Since we have been with family or in hotels most of the time we don’t really feel like the trip is real yet. We camped a couple nights on the beach in San Clemente, and it was good to get back into the groove of living in the camper. Our plan is to spend a couple more days in San Diego on the last items on our list and cross the border a few days after Thanksgiving. Then it will all get very real.

The Viceroy in Santa Monica gave us glasses of Proseco upon check in - we

packed a bag for the night & gave the camper to the valet. Might be a first for them.

San Clemente State Park - our camp for 2 nights.

San Clemente State Park - right on the ocean.

Bike ride day in the OC

Yuma Denning Family Selfie

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