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The Home Depot Day

(by Paula)

On our delivery trip to Colorado in March to bring home the camper, we had one day, just one, that didn’t involve a 7 hour drive. So we stopped at Home Depot in Yuma, Arizona to buy a bucket and a cordless drill. We use the drill to put up the roof of our camper (that’s how simple my life is about to get). The old drill died and we needed a bucket for…well, anything. So a pit stop at the Home Depot was the only thing on the agenda that day.

John went in and I stayed in the truck. It was the day my boss had announced to the world (and come to think of it, it was the actual whole world) that I had resigned. I called a bunch of people I wanted to reach out to personally. I took time to chat with each of them - without the worry of another call or meeting scheduled at the top of the hour. Then I made lunch in the camper. John was in the store for at least 2 hours. When he came out, he climbed back in the truck and said he was “just moseying around”. I said cool. He said he never just “moseys". I said I know. I remember thinking that’s what this new life is going to be all about.

Slowing down without the frenetic need for motion or structure. Or schedule. For the first time in all our planning and preparation, I felt the freedom – and it looked like a long, slow mosey. Freedom may not always be in the most exotic locations. It may just be in a parking lot.

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